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22 November 2017
Trying out a new way of positioning the floating menu dock Menu dock is now pinned while a docked menu is open Menu dock is now at a better angle Menu dock now only repositions if sufficently far away from the current view direction
21 November 2017
Profiling performance issues when wands are connected
16 November 2017
Tooltips can now be marked as important Workshop upload progress now stays visible while uploading
15 November 2017
Fixed exception on workshop publish
Fixed possible exception when deleting a world Fixed auto-scrolling to selected world
Worlds now have separate Title and ID Added RowList.Sort(comparer) World list is now sorted by last modified time Fixed world list not updating after renaming a world
8 November 2017
Fixed Keyboard.TextInputSource submission on return World name panel now flashes while renaming
Non-VR TextInputSource implementation
Working on new text input system to support non-VR play
1 November 2017
World menu switches back to the main page after creating a world Fixed plugin list not updating correctly when switching world Fixed gamemodes list not refreshing properly on world change